It’s been a while since my last post as thankfully I’ve been keeping busy with both teaching and playing. With the summer holidays upon us I now have spare time to address many other tasks which I keep putting off. One of those is to record additional videos for youtube, a few of which I have tried on Instagram as very short pieces.

One of my goals was to finish my arrangement of Bohemian Rhapsody which I have now done having allowed myself 3 months to master it. If I’m honest it was purely a personal challenge but already I have been asked to play it at weddings following the release of the film with the same name. My next wedding is at Blackwell Grange in the Cotswolds and yet another Queen song, ‘You’re My Best Friend’ has been requested for the signing of the register. That film has a lot to answer for!

Another recent booking was to play for the local Community Games in Sutton Park where thousands of people attend for a day of sport, music and food. A picture is included! On a lighter note I was recently asked to stand in to play for a 70’s glam rock band for one night (so far) only – it was a great fun gig and thankfully there are no photos of that night!

Keep on keeping on!