The show goes on!

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It has been a while since I visited my blog page but for a number of good reasons. Firstly, my demand for teaching has almost trebled since I started offering guitar lessons resulting in working long hours into the evening but all enjoyable. The variety of songs and styles being sought certainly keeps me on my toes with a very varied age group all wanting to learn.

I am also working at present with 2 other vocalists/guitarists, Georgina Priest and Ben Drummond, and have started to perform as a duet in a number of venues to include golf clubs etc. Please check their social media pages! Both of my colleagues are excellent and I am looking forward to expanding the repertoire with them.

The wedding season is upon us once again and I am already in the process of learning songs by request (including hymns!) and meeting up with couples so as to make sure their special day goes as smoothly as possible. Looking forward to another busy year!