Want to Learn

Lessons for Children

When a child takes their first steps with the guitar, it is of the utmost importance that they are inspired to keep playing, teaching is not always about the guitar skills but initially it is vital to make learning fun through a range of resources. Lessons are kept to approximately half an hour.

Lessons for Teenagers

At teenage level there are a couple of categories of students. At this age group, you may be a complete beginner or competent in your existing skills and just need a little support in order to move to the next level or look at a new style. I always encourage students to look at doing a live performance.

Lessons for Adults

As an adult coming in for a guitar lesson, you are probably in one of several camps, either a beginner or someone who needs to update or expand their skills. Many of my pupils have expressed how they wish they would have started years earlier but it’s never too late!