We come to the end of another wedding season and a time to reflect on how well the summer has gone. It is fair to say all of the exhibitors whom I meet are reporting at best, an average year with everyone reporting a downturn this year. It’s difficult to say why but we suspect that a number of brides are waiting for the magical number of 2020 in which to tie the knot.
In the meantime I have been busy with the teaching side of my business and working on my youtube channel which has been amazing fun. Please do take a look at Derek Brock Guitarist to see the progress being made with the help of a very kind friend who is passionate about the video and editing side of the project. So far we have uploaded 6 new videos and have recorded another one this evening. It is not a wedding song but a cover of Ghost Town by the Specials which will be ready for Halloween. We have also just finished recording Forever Autumn as it’s here! With the aid of Garage Band software I am able to multi-track my playing making the songs sound richer as I’m playing all the parts – take a listen!